Three advantages and two disadvantages of CO2 laser cutting machine

CO2 laser cutting machine, also known as the CO2 laser cutting machine, is widely used in many processing industries like the fiber laser cutting machine, which is relative to the traditional cutting mode; There are many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages.

Main advantages of CO2 laser cutting machine:
1. The power is large, and the general power is 2000-4000W. It can cut full-size stainless steel, carbon steel and other conventional materials within 25mm, aluminum plates within 4mm and acrylic plates, wood materials and PVC plates within 60mm. And the cutting speed is very fast.
2. The reflectivity of CO2 laser to aluminum alloy is also high. The installation of back reflection isolator can effectively protect the CO2 laser, so that aluminum alloy can be safely cut.
3. As the CO2 laser outputs continuous laser, the cutting section effect of these three laser cutting machines is smoother and better than the other two.

Disadvantages of CO2 laser cutting machine
1. CO2 laser cannot cut copper materials, including brass and red copper. If it is necessary to cut copper, only fiber laser is qualified. For CO2 laser, copper is a highly reflective material, and the laser is almost completely reflected but not absorbed; Reflected light returns to the laser, causing harm.
2. The cost of construction is high. The high-power CO2 laser cutting machine has reached more than 2 million yuan. Moreover, the cost of maintenance is high. The photoelectric conversion rate in use is only 10%, and the energy consumption is high. The maintenance is inconvenient, and the operation requirements are high.

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