Medical biological paper – 1625 intelligent vibrating knife cutting machine!!

With the progress of science and technology, our life is more and more inseparable from medical science. As a kind of biomedical materials, medical bio paper has gradually been widely used. Medical biological paper is made of biological organs and is used for bone fixation and damage repair. It is precisely because of the particularity...

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How to choose the cutting machine in clothing industry?

Automatic clothing cutting is essential to the clothing production industry. Cutting sounds simple, but it is not easy to operate. Manual typesetting and cloth cutting will inevitably lead to errors, leading to waste of materials. Therefore, choosing a good automatic clothing cutting machine is an essential condition for clothing factories in the clothing industry competition....

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Some tips on Wood cnc router

1. The woodworking carving machine runs continuously for less than 10 hours a day to ensure the cleanness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump. The water-cooled spindle motor must not be short of water. The cooling water should be replaced regularly to prevent excessive water temperature. The circulating water...

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