What should we pay attention to when selecting laser cutting machine

There are many core components of the laser cutting machine. The main component is the laser. Therefore, when purchasing the laser cutting machine, it is necessary to focus on selecting the laser and try to select the well-known brand. Once the laser is damaged, the cost of replacement will be high. Do a good job in advance so that the subsequent production will not be delayed.

When selecting laser cutting machines, customers can not blindly pursue higher wattage, but choose the appropriate power according to their actual needs. Select the power and size of the laser cutting machine according to the thickness and size of the actual cutting material, and then select the appropriate precision size according to your own process requirements. When purchasing equipment, ask the specific parameters of the equipment.

After selecting the configuration, the main thing is to select the brand manufacturer. How to judge the overall strength of the laser cutting machine manufacturer?
1. The overall quality of the laser cutting machine. The brand of laser cutting machine is closely related to the quality. After all, customers buy equipment to complete a series of processing work. Good use will determine the customer’s impression of the brand, so the brand effect will also determine the quality of the product.
2. Market share of laser cutting machine. When multiple users in a region use the equipment of this brand, it means that the equipment must have certain advantages, at least no major defects. The higher the market share, the better the equipment of this brand.
3. After-sales service of laser cutting machine. There will certainly be big and small problems in the use of the equipment, and the after-sales situation of the manufacturer will also affect the production progress of consumers. Before purchasing, we must communicate the after-sales processing time to avoid more losses after equipment failure.

It is recommended to visit the factory more often to see whether the relevant services can be delivered in time, because the laser cutting machine not only buys equipment quality, but also services, whether it can provide all aspects of services in time, and how long it can be delivered in case of equipment failure.

The next thing to look at is the price. It is normal for the price of laser cutting machine to meet the market price. However, the price of laser cutting machine on the market is generally within a certain range. There are problems with high or low spectral deviation, which should be carefully investigated.

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