Usage specification of woodworking CNC Router

ATC router

Woodworking CNC router is one of the most widely used machines in numerical control equipment. We must use it correctly and operate in strict accordance with the safety operation regulations in the process of use, so as to better play the performance of woodworking CNC router and ensure the safety of machines and operators.
1. Do not adjust and maintain the machine during its operation.
2. During the operation of woodworking CNC router, the rotation speed of the spindle is generally very high. Operators should not wear gloves when operating. If they accidentally touch the spindle cutter, they will easily take the gloves together and damage their hands.
3. Although woodworking CNC router is a fully automated equipment in operation, it is still a manual operation in loading and unloading materials. Therefore, when feeding materials, it is necessary to avoid injury caused by contact between hands and cutting edges.
4. The high rotation speed of the main shaft of woodworking CNC router, coupled with the uneven wood being processed, the noise and vibration in the cutting process, the labor intensity of workers, and the fatigue are easy. These objective reasons are very easy to cause mechanical accidents.
5. Those who are not familiar with the relevant performance and safe operation technology of woodworking CNC router, or who do not follow the safe operation procedures to save trouble may lead to accidents.
6. Do not repair the electrical appliances in the control cabinet by yourself. Many electrical appliances have high voltage. You must find the machine manufacturer for maintenance.

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