Six criteria for stable operation of cnc router for wood panel furniture

As a complex mechanical equipment, the stability of woodworking panel furniture CNC router is easily affected by various surrounding factors. Let me introduce the six basic principles to ensure stable operation, hoping to help you:
1. Stable voltage: keeping the voltage stable is the first element to protect the electrical parts of the machine. Generally, engraving machines have leakage protection devices, thermistors and other protective measures. If the voltage is unstable or the temperature is too high, the machine will alarm.
2. Strengthen lubrication: the guide rail, lead screw and other accessories are the tracks during operation, and regular injection of lubricating oil is helpful to the stable and safe operation of the running track.
3. Cooling water temperature: CNC chip cutting force is large. The cooling degree of the spindle and tool depends on the water temperature. A good cooling effect is conducive to the service life of the spindle and tool. Avoid excessive water temperature in summer, and watch out for water icing in winter.
4. Select a good knife: CNC cutting machine is mainly a knife. A good horse is equipped with a saddle, and a good knife can be used for a long time. If the knife is replaced frequently, it will damage the tool holder and the spindle. The machine is often started and stopped incoherently, which will also have an impact on the machine.
5. Reduce the load: the machine is used for processing materials, not storage platform. During the use, try to avoid stacking overweight materials on the machine beam. Love the machine is the guarantee for your long-term use.
6. Inspection and cleaning: After regular or long-term intensive work, keep the machine clean to avoid sludge accumulation. Check the machine to better extend its service life.

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