Several knives of advertising engraving machine

How many knives are there for advertising engraving machine?
There are roughly four kinds of tools for advertising engraving machines, namely, flat end sharp knife, straight knife (column knife), milling cutter and 3D special-shaped cutter.

How many kinds of knives are available for advertising engraving machine?
1. Flat bottom sharp knife:
Engraving materials: double color board, PVC board, plexiglass, ABS board, etc.
Cutting materials: double color plate, ABS plate.
2. Straight knife (column knife):
Engraving materials: double color board, PVC board, plexiglass, ABS board, etc.
Cutting materials: double color plate, ABS plate.
3. Milling cutter:
Engraving materials: PVC board, plexiglass, wood, etc.
Cutting materials: PVC board, plexiglass, wood board, etc.
4. 3D special-shaped knife: it is used for 3D clear corner characters (calculate the path with the “3D” function) and chamfered edges for carving crystal cards on the back.

How many principles do advertising engraving machines have?
1. Flat bottom sharp knife: use W2 or A small knife when carving small characters, and try to use a big knife when carving large characters to improve processing speed; The tool selection is subject to the narrowest stroke; If necessary, on the premise of not affecting the font effect, you can edit and modify the strokes with nodes to facilitate the path of oversized knife; 30 ° cutter is commonly used for carving badges; If the character is too small, you can use “cut” to calculate the path after changing to single line.
2. Straight knife (column knife): therefore, this kind of knife is mostly used for large character carving on the department card, so it is also called the department card knife, but the carving effect is slightly inferior to the flat bottom sharp knife of the same width. The edge of the material it cuts is straight, while the edge of the material cut by the flat bottomed sharp knife has more than one bevel. The degree of inclination depends on the angle of the knife. If the angle is large, the edge slope will be larger.
3. Milling cutter: it is not recommended to use a 22mm cutter to cut 10MM and below materials, which may cause cutter breakage; When there is no 22mm cutter and 20mm material is to be cut, a 17mm cutter can be temporarily used to achieve layered cutting.
12mm: cut 10MM and below materials
17mm: cut 15mm material
22mm: cut 20MM material (PVC multi-purpose | 3.175; acrylic | 4)
4. 3D special-shaped cutter: because this kind of cutter is different from the commonly used carving cutters that are directly grinded with an alloy handle material for work, it is also called big head cutter because it is welded with various shapes of cutter heads under the Φ 6 handle through a special welding process, which is directly used for carving processing of various special shapes.

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