How to choose the cutting machine in clothing industry?

Automatic clothing cutting is essential to the clothing production industry. Cutting sounds simple, but it is not easy to operate. Manual typesetting and cloth cutting will inevitably lead to errors, leading to waste of materials. Therefore, choosing a good automatic clothing cutting machine is an essential condition for clothing factories in the clothing industry competition.
Which is better, laser automatic cutting machine or vibrating knife automatic cutting machine?
The automatic clothing cutting machine is an intelligent cutting device. There are generally two types, one is laser cutting, the other is vibrating knife cutting. The laser cutting machine was very popular with factory bosses before because of its fast cutting speed, but there are also shortcomings, namely, the cloth is easy to burn, while the later vibrating knife clothing proofing machine does not have this problem.
Vibrating knife clothing cutting machine is more intelligent. Vibrating knife clothing automatic cutting machine is a steel frame welded frame, which is more efficient, intelligent and stable. It can change different cutters and cut different fabrics. Computer automatic cutting is more time-saving and material saving than manual typesetting cutting. Moreover, the current high-end clothing automatic cutting machine can automatically mark, automatically collect pieces, automatically clean waste, and intelligently transport, which is much more efficient than manual.
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