Medical biological paper – 1625 intelligent vibrating knife cutting machine!!

With the progress of science and technology, our life is more and more inseparable from medical science. As a kind of biomedical materials, medical bio paper has gradually been widely used.
Medical biological paper is made of biological organs and is used for bone fixation and damage repair. It is precisely because of the particularity of medical biological paper that the requirements for cutting equipment are stricter.
The medical paper intelligent cutting machine adopts blade cutting, which has no heat source and zero pollution. Compared with laser and other thermal cutting technologies, the cold cutting uses more to protect the material characteristics of biomedical paper, and will not harm the material, nor change the material characteristics. In addition, the blade cutting is more environmentally friendly and more in line with the scientific, green and safe concept of the biomedical industry.
The medical paper intelligent vibrating knife cutting machine has high precision cutting with ± 0.1mm cutting error. It uses the independently developed system data to import one key cutting. It does not need a mold and is easy to operate. It can be operated independently by one person. It has the excellent characteristics of high precision, high speed and more stable processing of cutting products.
At the same time, we will customize a special cutting scheme for each customer to meet different personalized production needs.

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