The main reasons why the cutting nozzle of plasma cutting machine is easy to burn:

1. No reasonable tangential distance is adopted.

2. The cutting torch and consumables were not kept clean. Any dirt on the cutting torch and consumables will greatly affect the function of the plasma system.

3. No oxides have been removed from the air or oxygen nozzles. When air or oxygen plasma is selected for numerical control cutting machine, oxides will be deposited in the nozzle, which will affect the air flow and reduce the life of consumable parts.

In the process of using the plasma cutting machine, the cutting tip and electrode are frequently replaced consumables. Under normal circumstances, the service life of a set of ordinary electrode cutting nozzles is about 3-4 hours. In order to reduce costs, many bosses have purchased cheap and low-quality electrodes and cutting nozzles, which further increases the loss of cutting nozzles in use. It is not only easy to burn the cutting gun, but also may bring many potential safety hazards.

Hopetool specializes in producing various series of plasma cutting machines.

Overall upgrade of the machine:

1. Strong cutting penetration

2. Small cutting gap

3. Good cutting quality

4. Ultra long life

Jinan Hopetool CNC equipment is a professional company specializing in developing and manufacturing different kind laser machine.