What are the advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting machine compared with vibrating knife cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine
The laser cutting machine cuts flexible materials cleanly, and the cutting surface is also very smooth. However, the laser cutting machine has a lot of maintenance. The laser head will heat up after being used for a long time and needs water cooling. The laser cutting is completed by high temperature, so the yellow mark will be left after cutting the fabric, and the smell is relatively strong. Therefore, many factories in many places will not meet the requirements of the environmental protection department and cannot use it.


Vibrating knife cutting machine
When the vibrating knife is cutting, it will vibrate up and down, tens of thousands of times per minute, similar to the principle of saw blade, but without serrations, it will not produce powder. The vibrating knife can freely change the cutter head. According to different materials, you can choose round cutter, half cutter, drag cutter, bevel cutter, milling cutter, etc.
The finished product cut by the vibrating knife is also clean, with smooth edges, accurate size, odorless, environmentally friendly, soft and hard materials are all used, and the foot cushion leather modification system is well used,Its cutting speed is twice that of laser.

On the vibrating knife cutting machine, Hopetool has developed more functions to make it more intelligent, accurate and comprehensive.
1. Lifting speed. The cutting speed of the vibrating knife is up to 2000mm/s, which can greatly increase the production. A cutting machine is equivalent to 4 to 10 workers.
2. Improve the precision. The precision of vibrating knife cutting machine for cutting materials reaches 0.01mm, which can maximize the accuracy of products, improve product quality and competitiveness.
3. It is more intelligent. The vibrating knife cutter can cut automatically by inputting the graph to be cut in the computer, without manual supervision and regulation.
4. For the improvement of freedom, CCD camera, projector, double cutter head, double gantry, lengthening and widening the working area of the cutting bed can be selected and customized according to their own needs.

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