How to install advertising engraving machine

Advertising engraving machine is a relatively common advertising engraving production equipment, which can be commonly used to process acrylic, density boards, etc. In daily life, many people may only pay attention to the use of engraving machines, few people pay attention to the installation of advertising engraving machines, so what should be paid attention to in advertising installation? How to install advertising engraving machine?
1. After the machine is placed, open the attached tool box, take out the wire to connect the power, and if there is an aviation plug, connect it according to the wire number, and check whether the circuit works normally;
2. After the installation of the drive, set the internal parameters, turn on the machine to check whether the running direction of the machine is correct and whether the stroke is accurate;
3. Open the computer to install the corresponding driver and application software;
4. After the arrival of the machine, open the package and remove the machine from the bottom bracket. Place the machine in a horizontal position. Do not bump the machine during the placement;
5. Ambient humidity: zero to forty degrees during operation, shutdown or transportation: when the temperature is lower than zero (liquid in water-cooled spindle motor is discharged) Humidity: maximum 75% no condensation (relative humidity) Short term: 95% (within one month).
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