Advantages and disadvantages of CNC material opener:

CNC cutting machine has become one of the necessary equipment for the production of customized panel furniture, and is increasingly popular in the furniture market. Compared with the traditional furniture processing equipment, what are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC cutting machine?

Diversity of functions: Whether it is a basic model like the four process blanking machine or a relatively high-end woodworking center, both the cabinet and the door can be considered. At the same time, it also has the functions of automatic grooving, punching, cutting, pushing and tool changing.
Labor saving: It is no longer like the previous woodworking sliding table saw or traditional cutting machine, which requires two or more people to work together. The CNC opener can be equipped with an automatic loading and unloading platform, and only one person is responsible for one machine.
Save plates and avoid waste: The software equipped with the CNC material opener can automatically optimize according to the plate processing, and give priority to the use of plates of appropriate size in the plate library to avoid waste and save costs.
High precision and efficiency: the optimization of the structure of the CNC cutting machine and the upgrading of its own configuration make the product processing precision higher. Fast feeding, cutting, punching, and rapid tool change make the processing efficiency higher.

High price and high purchase risk: compared with woodworking carving machine or traditional CNC cutting machine, the price of CNC cutting machine is much higher; Moreover, due to the numerous models and brands of CNC cutting machines on the market, we should be careful and consider various factors when purchasing. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a risky investment for some manufacturers that are conservative and do not have too much budget.
High maintenance cost: although the performance of the NC opener is better, any machine will have problems. Because of its relatively high configuration, once there is a problem, the maintenance cost will be relatively high.

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