How to select a single head CNC router and a double head CNC router?

At present, there are many brands of CNC router on the market, including single head, double head and even more. The head of CNC router refers to the processing position of the machine. The main difference between single head and double head is the number of processing positions. Single head CNC router is one processing bit working, while double head CNC router is multiple processing bits working at the same time, which is about twice as efficient as single head precision engraving machine.
But when purchasing a CNC router, is it better to choose a double headed CNC router than a single headed CNC router? Here, we should choose according to our own needs. First, we should see what kind of products are processed, whether the technical requirements of the products can be guaranteed, whether it is beneficial to improve the production rate, and whether it is economically appropriate. Generally speaking, if the products are of high complexity, multi variety, small batch production, or few product types, large batch production, then this kind of products can obtain higher economic benefits by using dual head CNC router processing. However, if the variety is single and the production batch requirements are not high, it is not necessary to give full play to the production benefits of the double head CNC router. It is necessary to prevent the double head CNC router from being used as a single head CNC router, causing unnecessary waste. Therefore, it is suitable to use a single head CNC router at this time. In the selection process of using machinery, the processed products should be clearly classified, which is more conducive to the purchase of equipment.

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