Three spindles CNC router HT-1325-3




1.Three spindles can use three different tools for three different processing at the same time, which is similar with an economical auto-tool changer cnc machine center with three tools.

2.the vacuum pump holds tightly the carving materials which makes operating more reliable an convenient.

3.With feeding roller on table can make it is more easy when put sheet on table.

4.leading rack rotation with high speed and strength.air speed can be 50m/min,when working in wave board also can be 25m/min.

5.Advanced  Shandong or Weihong operating system,is compatible withtype3/artcam/Yunxi and so on .

6.the whole welding structure is shaped through tempeing treatment,making it solid and long lasting.


Performance parameter                            


number Description parameter
1 XYZ working area 1300*2500*200mm
2 Table size 1310*3000mm
3 XYZ travel positioning accuracy ±0.025mm
4 XYZ repositioning positioning accury ±0.025mm
5 Table surface Bakelite sheet
6 grantry steel
7 drive system X-Y axis Rack actuation
8 drive system Z axis Ball screw
9 Spindle power 4.5/6KW
10 Max velocity 50m/min
11 Max working speed 25m/min
12 Spindle speed 0-24000rmp
13 work mode Hydrid servo
14 Working voltage AC380V
15 Command language G code
16 Interface USB
17 Operating system Shanlong or Weihong
18 Flash memory 128
19 X-Y resolution 0.025mm
20 Software environment  Type3, artcam,Yunxi
21 Running environment Temperature:0-45°C
22 Paking size 3300*1900*1900mm
23 Net weight 1300 kg
24 Gross weight 1500 kg



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