Flatbed cutter plotter GD




GD series costume pattern cutting plotter is the star product in the pattern cutting machine, and ocuupy a large market share. This machine is designed for professional costoume pattern making. And it can meet the customer’s demand for pattern cutting and drawing of various materials by its cutting and drawing function. It has a fast writing speed and good cutting quality, and become a good assistant for the fashion designer. It can cut many materials used in the pattern of garment, such as card paper, kraft paper, red hard paper etc. GD series high speed cutting machine could meet the requirementt for common cutting accuracy. It employs import synchronous belt for power driving, and work under high speed, convenient use, compatible with any CAD software. It is greatly welcomed by customers and widely applied for garment pattern cutting or plotting.

The main features:
·Imported synchronous belt, long lifetime
·Steady performance, low useage cost




Model GD1209 GD1509 GD1512
Effective cutting area 1200*900mm 1500*900mm 1500*1200mm
Configuration Special knife, pen
Way of fixing paper way Vacuum absorbing
Driving material Import synchronous belt
Cut materials Red hard paper、plastic board、white board、kraft paper
Cutting way Drawing by pen、half cutting、whole cutting
Cutting thickness 0.5-2mm
Cutting precision ≤0.1mm
Max speed 1000mm/s
Working time and character Continuous work, operating computer and cutting at the same time, linear high-speed transmission for data.
Transmitting port International standards: parallel port/RSC232 serial port
Capacity of buffer area Buffer area of large capacity, it can finish high-speed transmission for data at a time
Instruction set International standards: HP-GL or DXF form can be selected selected, It is compatible with all kinds of CAD software
Numerical control board LTD, all-English operating menu
Driver Step motor
Pen type General signing pen, oil pen, ball pen
Main structure Cutting platform、head、driving system、control cabinet、control micro computer,frame、vacuum pump
Voltage AC 220V 50HZ
Fuse standard 5A
Occupy dimension (L*W*H) 1635*1365*1080mm 1935*1365*1080mm 1935*1665*1080mm
Note Other size can be customized.




It is equipped with spring plotting pen, special cutting knife. The paper feeding system could be selected as option.

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