Fiber laser cutting machine HT-1325L



This model is economical type, adopts Taiwan rail and heavy racks,Taiwan Delta motor and driver ,AU3TECH laser suitable for cutting thin metal.

Application Material

Used for cutting a variety of metal plates, mainly used in stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, brass, aluminum, steel, various alloy plate,
rare metal and other materials.


Aerospace technology, rocket, plane, robot, elevator, steamship and automobile manufacturing and metal parts processing industry for metal plate, advertisement, kitchen ware, bit tool, hardware etc

Performance Parameter   

Machine Model HT-1325L
Max. working area 1300×2500mm
Laser power 500/750/1000/1500W
Laser wavelength 1080nm
Rated power 10-100%
X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy ±0.03mm
Min. cutting line width 0.02mm
Max moving speed 60m/min

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