Carton box cutting machine DCZ70




DCZ70 series flatbed digital cutter is  new developed carton box sample making system, the capability improves a lot comparing with the former, not only the processing speed, processing accuracy, convenient operation, but also the impressive surface.DCZ70 series sample making machine make cutting, creasing, drawing available undertaking machine’s stable, high speed, high accuracy. it could meet sample making or small production require of packaging company, corrugated box manufacturer, color box manufacturer, color printing manufacturer,, die cutting manufacturer. it could cut corrugated board 、chipboard、foam board、plastic board、thin wood board、leather、cloth, honeycomb board, KT board etc. we are great reputed by customers from packaging、advertisement、printing、die cutting、electron、gasket、sign industries. The DCZ70 win great support from Shanghai Technology Small and Medium Enterprises Technical Innovation Fund.

DCZ70 series character
· Two interchangeable tools, whole sets head design, convenient to change cutting tools.
·Four spindles high speed controller, modularizing installing, convenient for maintenance.
·Cutting depth could be adjusted as customers need.
·Easy to set parameter, different materials could be processed just after the cutting thickness and cutting speed are set well.




Model DCZ702516 DCZ701713 DCZ701310
Effective cutting area 2500*1600mm 1700*1300mm 1300*1000mm
Configuration Oscillating knife、pen、creasing tool、drag knife
Max aped 1350mm/s
Smallest cutting diameter 6mm
Maximum cutting thickness 30mm
Control line and driver Servo
Precision ≤0.1mm
Vacuum 5.5kw
Data form HPGL,DXF,PDF
Voltage 220v±10%50Hz
Data port parallel port,serial port,USB port
Data Transmission speed 10MB/s
Input cushion area 32MB
Occupy dimension(L*W*H) 3400*2410*1180mm 2600*2110*1180mm 2200*1810*1180mm
Note Other size can be customized.


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