ATC CNC router 2030




1)HT-2030L is linear Auto tool change machine, X,Y axises adopt gear-wheel, speed is fast. It adopts domestic no oil vaccum pump with high efficiency.

2)Adopt Japan yaskawa servo motor ,built-in encoder,It can stop automatically when graunch happens,so can avoid accidents .

3)Italy air cooling spindle or China water cooling spindle with tool change, high power , imported tool holders with high precision and long lifetime.

4)Whole machine is welded with seamless steel structure, the regidity is good , not easy to be deformed.The gantries adopt steel structure

5)All adopt imported square oribit, heavy loading, stable working , high precision and long lifetime. Imported ballscrew , high precision.

6)Taiwan leading control system: The embedded numerical control system based on windows platform can upgrade the functions infinitively. Anti-interference design of the hard and soft ware synchronistically make sure of the reliable operation. Advance 3D space curve prediction algorithm can make sure of the evenness of polyline and the speed and precision of curve lines. Advanced file pretreatment function can correct the error in the files and is compatible with the process codes of multiple national and international software. (such as Mastercam,Typ3,UG,Artcam,Caxa).

7)8 zones vaccum table, it is a professional wood door making and furniture making machine.


 Performance parameter:


NO. Discription Parameter
1 X,Y,Z Working Area 2000X3000X200mm
2 Table Size 2140X3540mm
3 X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
4 X,Y,Z Repositioning Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
5 Lathe Structure Welded Strucutre
6 X, Y Structure Gear Wheel Transmission, Shaft Linear Bearings
7 Z Structure Ball Screw, Shaft Linear Bearings
8 Max.Consume power 20KW
9 Max.Speed 0-60000mm/min
10 Max.Working Speed 0-25000mm/min
11 Spindle Power Motor 6/9KW HSD Spindle ATC or Chinese spindle
12 Spindle Speed 0-24000RPM
13 Working Mode Servo system
14 Working Voltage AC380V/50/60Hz , 3PH
15 Command G Code, *uoo, *mmg, *plt
16 Operating System SYNTEC System
17 Interface Internet line
18 Flash Memory 512M
19 Collet ER32
20 X,Y Working Delicacy <0.01mm
21 Software Type3 software, Wentai software,Artcam software
22 Running circumstance Temperature: 0°C~45°C,
Relative humidity: 30%~75%
23 Packing Size 4000x2250x2200 mm
24 Net Weight 2000KG
25 Gross Weight 2300KG


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